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20th October 2007

11:28pm: Sooo...how long has it been since my last post? I almost forgot how to use this thing..lol

My classes this semester suckkk...ok w132 sucks. I never really realized just how much I hate writing papers until this year. Mainly because I have 2 to write a week it seems. Boo...oh well..only 3 1/2 more years...

I started this new exercise program called Zumba...it sounds weird but it's really cool. I also realize how out of shape I am. Ever since I graduated I've wanted to start running again...but no matter how much I convince myself that I am going to go out and run, I never seem to do it. Blah. That is the one and only thing that I truly miss about being in high school.

I'm glad that I'm down to like $50 in my banking account...sigh...I need a job asap...

I'm excited/scared for saw 4 this weekend...i'm probley going to cry when he comes out in that crazy mask...and I probley won't sleep for the next 2 weeks

Well...my next post will probley be in another year or so again..ha
Current Mood: blah

31st October 2006

6:01pm: I'm bored at school.so i thought hey why not...

Things are going really well...nothing besides work and school really. I really love working at Best Buy...my co workers are the greatest. If you are 18 and older and need a job...please apply! haha. I'm not looking forward to taking physiology and chemistry next semester...that's gonna be Cute...but i'm trying to get done as quickly as possible, and If i don't then i'll have to take a year off of school, and that's not happening. I miss all my friends and i can't wait til xmas when everyone comes home. yay! I also can't wait til then so my stress level from school will go down. Other than that, i've been good. Hopefully i'll be less busy so i can come visit some of my friends who aren't here!
Current Mood: bored

26th July 2006

9:17am: i never use this anymore...

I just recently got a new job at best buy...i have the hard job of being a cashier...lol. I've messed up a few times but hey i'm new. I also still have my job on base as a lifeguard, even though i hardly work there anymore.

Yesterday was John and I's one year anniversary!...it's gone by soo fast. I got a pretty diamond necklace and flowers :)

I'm defintley not ready for school to start, even though I am staying here. All's i've heard from people is that college classes are a lot harder than high school, and now i'm used to doing absolutley nothing because it's summer...gah. I also don't want my best friend to be all the way in north carolina:(

Other than that not too much has been going on...i'm trying to make the most out of what's left of summer.

<3 you!
Current Mood: happy

1st June 2006

10:07pm: my cell phone works again...yay!...475-4264

8th March 2006

8:52pm: umm...so i update this thing a lot anymore

Soo..since my last update, here's what's happened:

My b-day was funn...i had good company :) Mudslides are good. Good time turning legal.

Track's been alright. The month of march always sucks because it's hard and there aren't any meets. I'm ready to have meets so I can have less practices.

Senior project is stressful. Or maybe i just procrastinate too much.

I've gotten $600 in donations so far for my trip...i'm sooo thankful :)

Other than that...not much else has been goin' on...i need a date for prom but there's time for that still i spose.
Current Mood: amused

6th February 2006

6:59pm: After four months and over 20 phone calls later I am not officially accepted to go on a missions trips to Panama this summer...i'm sooo excited :)

Edit: Ok there is one mispelled word up above that takes away the complete meaning of what i said. Instead of "not" it should be "now"...haha.
Current Mood: anxious

28th January 2006

1:17pm: boooo....sat's suckkkkkkk....

But i got through it, and i think i did pretty decent. I just need to get 10 points higher...but man i hated it.

Last night MZ and i went to the mall to hunt for v-day gifts. American eagle has really cute clothes out now...i just want to go buy the entire store...but anyways then we went to meet someone somewhere but they weren't there so we blasted the music and had a dance party on top of my car...then we ran a few blocks among other things..good night.

Today I plan on going back to sleep since i had to get up at the crack of dawn for that test...sooo tired.
Current Mood: tired

14th January 2006

1:00pm: Game against peru was schweet...excpet that we lost...but they played awesome regardless and gave us all a great game...and i've completely lost my voice but it's cool...haha.

So...today i was blow drying my hair and i turned it off and set it down for a sec...and then out of nowhere it turned itself on and caught on fire...and sparks started flying everywhere...and i tried to turn it off but it wouldn't so i just pulled the plug w/out getting electricuted somehow...and now my bathroom is filled w/smoke. so i almost set my house on fire...i was weird...

I can't go the the girl's senior night...i'm really bummed...my cars battery is about to die because i left a light on in it all last night..(i'm having good luck lately)...so it's about to die..plus the whole bathroom thing.

Neways..i'm hoping the rest of this day goes better than the first half...blah.
Current Mood: amused

6th January 2006

11:06pm: If anyone is considering going to see the movie hostel...don't.
2:30pm: I can't express how much I don't want to go back to school. I don't think it's possible to wake up early anymore...today i tried to wake up at 11 and i couldn't do it. Also, I've done no physical activity over break...it's going to suck getting back in shape. Xmas break is long enough to have fun, but short enough to feel like it should be longer...like summer break. *sigh*...plus the sun has disappeared...i swear. Senior projects are gonna kick my butt...i'm still not positive about what i want to do. Plus writing a paper every day won't be fun either. But this is my last semester...and track's coming up, so it's not all bad. Now i'm going to enjoy my last days of freedom before 5 more months of hell...gah.
Current Mood: bored

1st January 2006

11:39pm: So...new years was interesting. I'm still competely confused by a few events that happened. I'm mad/upset about information i was told...and i realized this semester is going to be extremely stressful in so many different ways.

This next week is going to go by entirely too fast.
Current Mood: contemplative

30th December 2005

10:06pm: She walks along to edge of where the ocean meets the land just like she's walking on a wire
"She said did you think that you were dreaming...I said sometimes I don't know.."

"I was out on the radio just starting to change somewhere out in American it is starting to rain...can you tell me one thing you will remember about me..."

..can you tell me one thing..

"There's a girl on a car out in a parking lot, and she says man c'mon c'mon just take a shot. She says can't you see me, she says can't you see me can't you see my walls are tumblin' down, can't you see my walls are crumblin' down. And can't you see my sun stopped stopped spinnin' round and can't you see that sky turn black and brown and can't you see that moon go flashin' round..and can't you see me and can't you see me, and can't you see me...no....There's a girl on a car in the parking lot she says can't you see my walls are crumbling. Then she looks up at the building says she's thinking of jumping...she says i'm sick and tired of life well everybodys sick and tired of something round here."

"Can you tell me one thing you'll remember about me?"

Different version of my favorite song...yay.
Current Mood: rejected

29th December 2005

10:33pm: Today was rather eventful..I got a phone call at 10 a.m.(sooo early...;)) from Meredith saying that we were going to Indy to pick up Nick...so somehow i drug my way out of bed and went. I must say we made good time...we made it there in 40 min...but that's probley because we went 80 the entire way there. Then later in the day went to see the Ringer...it's really funny I liked it.

New Years is probley the best holiday..i'm excited.

We're not going to have any water tomorrow...our pipes are getting fixed...grumble.

I need to start running...i'm out of shape again...track's creeping up :)
Current Mood: dorky

28th December 2005

4:31pm: Rain Rain go away come again another day...all the world is waiting for the sun
Current Mood: bored

27th December 2005

12:12pm: Last night was fun :)

Played poker for a couple hours...I lost $4...gah. I was already broke from shopping earlier too. The first time we use the new table top we break it and three drinks got spilled on it...dang.

On the bright side it's a B-E-AUtiful day outside

So i dont' think i get the 50% off thing at AE...i'm probley gonna scream.

Break is going by way to fast....make it stop.
Current Mood: blah

26th December 2005

11:47am: Christmas was good...there wasn't any drama this year like last year. So it was a good day. Got a bunch of clothes and such. Anndd...I got The Last Supper framed...i'm obsessed w/Leonardo da Vinci so this was a big deal lol. Then I went and delivered some gifts..almost slid off the road. It probley wasn't that slick i'm just a bad driver.

Today i'm going to the mall...bad idea..but i need to get paid.

Days of our Lives brought some old characters...particularly carrie and austin...noone cares but i used to be obsessed w/this show.
Current Mood: cold

18th December 2005

7:02pm: Fun Fun weekend. I got all my xmas shopping done..i am proud of myself :)...even though drama was involved. Those crowds...i can't stand um. lol. I'm so happy i'm only going 3 days this week. Break is going to be the best thing ever. Very excited. Worked at the rescue mission today...i feel bad for those people gah. I can't believe that xmas is only a week away. It's crazy. I'm excited though. Everyones always happy around the holidays. I can't wait for everone to get together again..it's been wayyy to long.

Anyways...i'm just rambling...poker time.

Oh that boy...;)
Current Mood: happy

17th December 2005

10:38am: So I pretty much missed the best game ever last night...but it was worth it :)

Steak n' shake being open 24 hours is probley one of the best things ever.

I'm finishing my xmas shopping today...and that's all there is to it.

If you're one of the hundred people who saw some pictures...please don't make assumptions.

...Good day...
Current Mood: aggravated

11th December 2005

7:49pm: So this weekend didn't go exactly as i had planned...stupid snow...

...but it still had its good times :)

The three day weekend made it seem like it should be xmas break...gah...we still have a week and a half left...i can't handle it.

I won all the money in poker tonight...yep...i'm rich w/all that fake money. lol.

boo to a red week...
Current Mood: cold

7th December 2005

6:32pm: Today I reached # 351 on my reasons why i want to graduate list.

I'm not sure what to do about diving...i really like it but i don't know...it would interfere w/my track training, and i really want to go to state this year. It just doesn't seem worth it. Gah...i hate decisions

I love love christmas season...even if people know what i got them...thanks to meredith! haha. j/k

Today almost had a purpose...everyday of school almost has a purpose. I should've taken college classes this year. Bad decision on my part.

I went to the library and got all my scholarship information...i'm going to procrastinate on that big time.

" I know you've been talking about leaving...you've lost all your feeling for this town.."
Current Mood: moody

4th December 2005

12:27pm: Formal was really fun...even if the music was kinda crappy...I just wanted to hear laffy taffy...gah.

Went out to eat with like 20 people at grindstone charlies...i like that place. Then I went outside and got in the wrong persons car...it looked like louies...i'm an embarrassment lol.

My dress got stepped on more times that I could count..oh well.

...I wish it was xmas break...can't wait :)

"I need a soldier...;)"
Current Mood: excited

25th November 2005

1:00pm: ...If you think that I could be forgiven

I wish you would....
Current Mood: regretful

24th November 2005

11:40am: Ok..so since I forgot to turn this into the newspaper I'll do it now

What I'm thankful for:

God, my family, friends,men in uniform(not just because they look good but also for defending our country), my sister being home, shopping trips w/MZ, dried corn, turkey, mashed potatoes, having a car(even if it's not that nice), being alive, sunny days, running, 800m, college, hugs, kisses, lazy days, food, BW3's, applebees, chicken sandwhiches, music, counting crows, my kitties :), movies, formal w/louie coming up, disney world, long eyelashes, watching mr. hublers house, pizza hut buffet, pilates, tae bo, never having hw(yet), having the privliege of mr. beall being my teacher, getting flowers(especially "just because"), and sooo much more.

Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving :)
Current Mood: thankful

21st November 2005

6:51pm: Pull me out from inside...
You get what you pay for..

...but i had no intentions of living this way.
Current Mood: nostalgic

19th November 2005

11:30pm: Today was tiring...

Went xmas shopping w/mz in indy...i got it all done. I'm excited it's now out of the way...i found everything that i wanted too.

I got lunch at the cheesecake factory...love that place.

yay for thanksgiving...

Tomorrow will be hectic...let the good times roll.
Current Mood: sore
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